Your Wellness Team

Chief Executive Officer
Dr. E. Lee Rice, founder and CEO, has more than thirty years of experience as a family and sports medicine physician, Dr. Rice is one of the premier medical experts on wellness.
Medical Director
Dr. Joseph Moore, the Medical Director at Lifewellness Institute, was a recognized leader in Navy Medicine as consultant to the Surgeon General of the Navy for Sports Medicine.
Quan Campbell, founding partner, directs the day to day operations of the business and leverages the medical team for maximum effectiveness. Quan also leads the corporate wellness services.
Family Nurse Practitioner
Cheryl Lee provides patients with finest care with her focus of general health preservation for all ages; with extraordinary skills in women’s health, adolescent and sports medicine.
Director of Nutrition Services
Linda ascribes to 'food as your best medicine' and frequently points out that every part of your body is made from the food you choose to eat.
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