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Overcoming Obstacles

People overcome obstacles, both physical and mental, all the time; from little ones, like time constraints, to big ones. It’s a brave and loving soul that opens themselves to potential failure and pushes on toward their goal.

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Prepping for Back-to-School

As the summer months are nearing an end, parents and children alike are preparing for the inevitable—it’s back-to-school time. After 2 months of staying up late, enjoying all that free time, and forgetting about homework and tests, going back to school is one of the hardest and most dreaded transitions an adolescent or young adult has to go through every year.

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Seven Tests Women Can Live With

Dr. Joe Moore discusses the benefits of seven common tests every woman should have at age and health-related intervals.

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New Year’s Resolutions

Yes, this is the July newsletter but right now, New Year’s is six months behind and six months ahead of us. Most of us take stock of our lives during the long winter months. We make our New Year’s resolutions... read more »

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8 Medical Tests Men Should Complete

There are health risk factors that are within our control and we should take charge to manage them. Read about eight common tests every man should have the answer to by age 45.

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Could your healthy habits be robbing you of nutrients?

Our favorite plant foods not only provide vital nutrients, but also contain compounds that can interfere with the absorption of nutrients that repair cells and boost immunity. Find out how to tame your anti-nutrients.

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Planning a Trip?

Lifewellness is dedicated to your family’s health and safety while you’re traveling abroad. As always, our mantra is prevent what you can – be prepared for what you can’t. When it comes to travel – preparing BEFORE you leave home... read more »

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What would you think if I told you that you hosted more foreign DNA than your own? Check your deodorant with a quick sniff or inspect your fingernails? Well, it turns out, you are not the majority shareholder of DNA... read more »

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