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Summertime Warriors

Let’s face it. The sun comes out, the days get longer and we want to look better in those shorts. Somehow, we manage to forget our bodies are no longer 16 years old and we take on that hike/run/bike that... read more »

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May Newsletter Intro

With the warming weather and shedding of layers, many of us are looking forward to a change of lifestyle as we head into summer. For some of our patients, that means changing their work schedules to accommodate more time for... read more »

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Great Salt Facts

According to the folks at Maldon Salt, “you can sound particularly impressive at dinner parties by throwing on one of these salty historical facts”, where you can find out more about salt’s impressive history. – Venice rose to economic greatness... read more »

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Life Without Salt?

Entire empires have been made and destroyed over salt, and while health professionals have kicked salt to the curb and back again, haute cuisine chefs cling tight to their revere for salt’s subtle and powerful effects on flavor. Salt is... read more »

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The Latest in Lab Testing

Lab tests are one of the most routine diagnostic tools used by most doctors to help determine your current health status, make sense of symptoms that you’re concerned with and help us diagnosis illnesses. Today, the laboratory tools available to... read more »

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Lessons from the USS Mercy

The MERCY experience taught me that it is still important for America to reach out and provide aid directly to people in need. We worked directly with the people who needed care each and every day. It was exhausting for... read more »

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February eHealth Newsletter Intro

Change is in the Air Heraclitus tells us that the only constant in life is change. As a society, there are certain times of year that we are more willing to embrace change – the start of a New Year... read more »

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Another Way to Give

It’s National Blood Donor month, please help if you can…

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