Funny Business

October 13, 2014

FinestCitySpecial Offer to the Lifewellness Family

Here’s a chance to experience first-hand a laughter-induced endorphin rush. Finest City Improv wants you to be their guest for a fun-filled evening at their interactive workshop…Funny Business.

Most networking events leave guests feeling like they never made a real connection or learned anything of value. That’s why Finest City is so excited to present “Funny Business”! They have merged an improv show and workshop with the fundamentals of a networking evening to demonstrate the valuable skills that can be learned through improv.

Whether you’re a business professional or a busy mom, if you haven’t already experienced the value of laughter in a tense situation, or the easing of stress after hearing a good joke, then you should consider this experience.

The event begins at 5:30pm on October 22nd, at 4250 Louisiana Street San Diego, CA 92104. Register here and enter the code ‘lifewellness’ at checkout to access your free ticket.

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