Lollapa-Loser Is Here!

Loving the scaleIn the spirit of keeping it light…pun intended, who doesn’t want a head start on getting lean for 2015? Or, prevent the typical 11-pound holiday weight gain the average American adds to their waistlines between now and January 1.

Participation is fun and easy. Starting on October 10th, get on your home scale and snap a photo of your toes (yes, we need to see the weight too) and send it to Linda Illingworth. Then send another weigh in photo for each date below.

In return, Linda will send you a pearl of wisdom = nutrition tip, and a hilarious quote from the stand-up routine she will soon be taking on the road (not really, but it’s fun to think about).

Yes, you CAN do this, even with your super-fabulous travel schedule. Use the scale at your hotel or just weigh in when you get home. This is short and sweet, don’t worry about the holidays, just maintain until they pass, then start Lollapa-Losing again.

The Lollapa-Loser with the most pounds lost in 2014 will receive a copy of Linda’s favorite cookbook, Supernatural Cooking! Hooray for Lollapa-Loser!

Here are your weigh-in dates:

  • Oct. 10
  • Oct. 24
  • Nov. 7
  • Nov 21
  • Dec 5
  • Dec 15
  • Jan 2 2015 – Last weigh-in and the Lollapa-Loser of 2014 announced!

Good Luck to All!