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chief wellness officer PROGRAM (cwo)

Beginning with our signature comprehensive physical exam and personal review of results, this program includes year round access to personalized medical care and lifestyle coaching. Members of the CWO plan enjoy exclusive benefits such as priority appointments for imaging and specialists, coordination of travel medicine, coordination of  care, and referrals to nationally recognized physicians and medical facilities.

lifecheck program (lc)

The signature comprehensive physical exam is the cornerstone of this plan which includes personal review of the results with your medical team.  Ongoing medical care is not included, but can be provided with an additional fee for service.

lifecheck plus(lc+)

In addition to the signature comprehensive physical exam, Lifecheck Plus members enjoy access to the healthcare team via email or phone to discuss urgent medical questions , referrals, and refill medications  prescribed by Lifewellness physicians . Ongoing in office medical care is not included, but can be provided with an additional fee for service.




Physical Assessments

Posture assessment

Comprehensive Fitness Evaluation

Resting electrocardiogram

Resting Metabolic Rate

12 lead exercise stress test with VO2 max

Pulmonary function test

Flexibility assessment

Strength assessment


One-on-one review of exam results

Personal Goal Setting

Personal dietary recommendations

Registered dietitian private consultation

12 months personal nutrition guidance

Personal exercise recommendation

Exercise physiologist consultation

12 months exercise coaching

Quarterly follow-ups with clinicians

Networking and advocacy with medical institutions worldwide

Immediate, 24-hour access to physicians

Emergenetics Online Questionnaire

Genetic testing (additional costs, as desired)


Past medical history review

Vital signs

Comprehensive physical examination

Gynecological exam & PAP test for women

Visual acuity


Lab Tests

Blood Chemistry Panel

Complete Blood Count

Advanced Lipid Profile

Omega 3 Ratio



Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA)

Thyroid Stimulating Hormone


Hemoccult stool analysis

Vitamin D

Radiological Tests

Chest X-Ray,

Body composition (via DXA)

Bone mineral density of spine & hip (via DXA)

Thyroid ultrasound screening

Carotid artery ultrasound screening

Abdominal aorta ultrasound screening

Hepatic ultrasound screening

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