Our Programs
This program is designed to give each patient access to the entire medical team for a year. Starting with the Lifecheck Executive exam and one-on-one review, it allows patients to take care of their medical needs quickly and efficiently through in person visits, phone calls or email. Acting as each patient’s chief wellness officer or “CWO” we create a quarterly plan for optimizing your health and coach you so that you can achieve your goals.
This executive physical health assessment covers all body systems in depth and allows the medical team to assess the patient’s health today, as well as any lifestyle modifications that can reduce risk factors. Each patient reviews the results with the clinician to answer any questions, prioritize health goals and to devise a plan for the upcoming year.
This program is perfect for those that expect the best executive health exam and then need access to the Lifewellness medical team through email and phone. This program allows our patients to get their questions answered quickly, referrals to be scheduled seamlessly and to refill medications without hassle.
Lifewellness consults with companies, nationally and internationally, that want to establish or progress their employee wellness programs. As the nations’ premier source of custom wellness programs and 30 plus years of experience working with teams, we’ve designed and implemented a wide variety of employee and corporate wellness programs.
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