Corporate Wellness Advocate


In our vast experience working with companies, we often find that there are times that the company needs an on-call physician to help with employee relation issues.

Engaging the Lifewellness Institute in the corporate wellness advocate capacity helps reduce time to resolution, ensures that employees are getting the best care available and safeguards the company’s interest.

This forward thinking resource is perfect for the management team that needs quick access to trusted medical advisors.

Much like a brother that happens to be a doctor, we can help the company with:
  • Advising and advocating for key employees when medical emergencies arise, lessening the anxiety and time that is spent trying to understand the options for treatment and finding best resources
  • Determining performance versus medical issues
  • Advising companies on procedures for controlling both real and potential outbreaks

Lifewellness’s corporate wellness programs in San Diego can help companies navigate through tough medical times either on a retainer or hourly basis.

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