Corporate Wellness: Lectures & Workshops


All of Lifewellness lectures and workshops are set up so that each participant can go home with actionable items to improve their lifestyle today

Our team of experts are engaging, whether the audience is several thousand or just a few. Additionally, each speaking event is customized for the needs of the company and overarching wellness program.

Here’s just a short list of the our most recent engagements:
General Corporate Wellness Services
  • Your DNA is Not Your Destiny: Epigenetics
  • Emergenetics: Team Dynamics and Leadership
  • Making a Change: Replacing Bad Habits
  • Take a Chill Pill – Mental Imagery & Meditation
  • 9 Healthy Habits You Can Start Today
  • How to Breathe – and other tips to stay sane
  • Love Yourself – 10 lovely things you can do for yourself this week
  • 10 Sports Medicine tips that every soccer mom should know
  • Holiday Bliss – 5 Tips to Manage your Holiday Stress
Specific Health Topics
  • Wine, Women and Hormones… Oh My! Women’s health issues through the decades.
  • Real Men Don’t Age… Just Ask Them. Men’s health issues through the decades
  • S2: Stress & Sleep: How they’re related
  • Skin Safety: The latest trends in skincare, sunglasses & clothing
  • Travel Medicine: What to know before you go
  • Sleep Series:
    • – Sleep and the Medicine Behind it
    • – Sleep and Nutrition
    • – Getting Your Zzzzz’s – Sleep Hygiene
  • Nutrition
    • NASCAR Nutrition: Revving your Engine
    • Speed Workshops – how to customize meals in the cafeteria, eating out or vending machine
    • Fat Burning Lunches
    • The Calories are Right
    • Eat Your Way to Sexy Abs and other secrets to weight loss
    • 5 Sneaky Diet Traps to Avoid
    • 6 Strategies for Successful Weight Loss
    • Dining Out in Style
    • Food Allergies: Are you making yourself sick?
    • Organics: What you should know
    • Exercising at Work
    • What Every Weekend Warrior Should Know
    • Sports Medicine 101: Keeping yourself in the game
    • Exercise: How much is enough?
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