Lifecheck Executive Exam


Lifecheck Executive exam provides patients with a thorough health assessment and evaluation of current health status, lifestyle trends, and risk of future disease.

This program is ideal for those looking for an executive health physical exam that can be completed within a morning.

The Lifecheck Executive Physical includes:
  • Complete past medical history review and medical examination
  • Physiological testing
  • Nutrition consultation
  • Individualized nutritional recommendations from our registered dietitian
  • Laboratory testing screening, as well as, advanced lipid testing, some vitamin levels and inflammation & genetic markers
  • Ultrasound screening for thyroid and cardiovascular disease
  • One-on-one follow-up after the exam to discuss results
  • Exercise recommendations from a licensed exercise physiologist
  • Any recommended testing or vaccines based on your health history and exam findings
  • Written report with results of your examination to take home
  • USB drive with your results
  • Risk reduction strategies
  • Key indicators for success

At Lifewellness, you don’t have to be local to enjoy the best executive physical. We work with many patients from around the globe to coordinate a pleasant, efficient and meaningful visit with the doctor.

For year-long access to the Lifewellness team, consider the Chief Wellness Officer and Lifecheck+ programs.

Lifewellness is a proud partner of Rancho La Puerta and provides the exams and medical direction for the Executive Wellness Program. Many patients enjoy kicking off a week of healthy habit restyling at the Ranch by assessing their current health status with the Lifecheck Executive exam. For more information please contact the Ranch directly at 800.443.7565

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