Chief Wellness Officer Program

The Chief Wellness Officer Program


The year-long Chief Wellness Officer (CWO) program is our premier wellness program. It is designed to provide individuals and families with the best medical advocates, individualized coaching to achieve optimal performance and a support team to facilitate seamless medical care.

Our team of experts is always there for our CWO patients – from same day appointments to email and cell phone access to the physicians. And we don’t just react to emergent issues – we are constantly on alert for things that aren’t a problem now but are trending poorly, or when we learn of new research that may enhance your performance and health.

This program includes:
  • Lifecheck Executive exam
  • Well Woman exam (if desired)
  • Genetic testing (if desired)
  • One-on-One follow-up with the physician after the exam to discuss results
  • Prompts to proactively address medical issues with the clinical team on at least a quarterly basis
  • Access to Lifewellness team and physicians via mobile phones, email and short notice appointments
  • Personal goal setting and lifestyle coaching throughout the year
  • Private consultation with registered dietitian with 12 months of personal nutrition guidance
  • Concierge coordination for appointments with specialists, insurance authorizations and the other details of meeting your medical needs
  • Emergenetics profile
  • Networking and medical advocacy with other institutions worldwide so that you can see nationally recognized specialists without months of waiting

This unique experience is designed to offer patients a medical home that provides the tools and environment needed to adopt and support a healthy way of living.

At Lifewellness you don’t have to be local to enjoy the best medical team supporting you. We have many patients that live out of California and we help coach and advocate for them through phone, email and video conference.

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